Proceedings of the ICPE-EPEC 2013 conference can be downloaded HERE.

Each paper in the Proceedings was reviewed by two independent reviewers. We would like to thank all reviewers for their time and energy they put into their reviews. Also, we would like to thank the authors for their effort to make their papers clear and informative for all prospective readers. Our intention was that the Proceedings should reflect adequately what was presented and discussed at the conference. We hope we succeeded at least to some extent.

Now, the Proceedings goes to the hands of you, the readers. We wish you to find the papers here which will be inspiring either for your own research or for your teaching, or for both – in the end to make the learning of your and other students more active, productive and joyful.

Selected conference papers will be published in the special issue of the journal Scientia in Educatione till the end of the year 2014. This electronic journal is freely available at the address The special issue will be devoted to ICPE-EPEC 2013 papers only.